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Hello Friends!

                      Nepal,I define it as Country with Naturally Endorced Peace And Love. This is the place of Lord Gautam Buddha who spread the defination of love and peace around the world.Apart from this, It’s country of snowy himalayas in the north, green hills in middle and artful terai . Snowy Himalayas constitutes highest peak Mt. Everest and many other mountains of heights greater then 8000 metres . Thousands of vegetation present in hilly part of Nepal made it green and when the flowering seasons come then it looks like well decorated garden.There are different architecture in the hilly and terai part of Nepal. This is  the country with immense natural beauty enriched with the hundreds of cultural heritage .

                        The thousnds of animals in these natural resources increases the roses in the gardens. The loving and caring  are the common nature of every Nepalese. We treat the guest as the god so we behave as their happiness is our pride.There are differents tribes of people having their different language,culture and tradition .So friends Here we are Prince of peace who beleive in “Exploring Places,Serving People,Glorifying God” to help you to visit through this wonderful place and Serve the needy people and glorify the God insights.We are Eager to help you through out the tour to make it amazing and joyful. You can Visit more information in this website and you can mail us for more information:

Chief Executive Officer

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