Domestic Ticketing

Prince of peace  have a dedicated domestic ticketing team. We are selling tickets for all the major domestic airlines operation in Nepal. We provide this service for our corporate houses as well as walking clients. The following major airlines tickets can be issued from Prince of Peace with ease:

  •  Buddha Air
  •  Yeti Airways
  •  Tara Airlines
  •  Simrik Airlines
  • Saurya Airlines
  • Shree Airlines

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International Ticketing:

International air travel is also playing a vital role in the growth of tourism in Nepal. Kathmandu city is the major hub for tourism activity and all international flights from and to Kathmandu. Today there are many international flights in and out the country. International air ticketing demand has risen with the growth of the tourism and trading industries in Nepal.

Tribhuwan International Airport is the only international airport in Nepal that connects the flight from abroad country like Tibet / Bhutan / India and other Asian Countries. Almost all major international flights like Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Druk airways, Gulf air, Thai airways, Kingfisher airways, Jet air, Indian airways, Oman air and other major international airlines operate scheduled flights from Kathmandu to other major cities. For those willing to travel to and from all key cities of the world, we provide a flight ticket with transit.

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