Rafting In Nepal

Most Popular Rafting in Nepal

Karnali Rafting:

This trip is considered to be the most beautiful and enjoyable trip in all Nepal. There is a great mix of jungle scenery and lowland forests. It is the also Nepal’s longest one river journey in Wild West having some challenging rapids and beautiful landscape sceneries. The river lies far west of Kathmandu in a very rural area that has recently been opened to foreigners.

SunKoshi Rafting

This River is the largest in all Nepal. This several days trip gives you rapids followed by exciting  rapids that are sure to get you’re your adrenaline flowing. This is a classic camping trip which gives you a chance to paddle all the way from the far north of Nepal to the southern border. It is also top ten river journey in the world have every day different fun of camping.

Kaligandaki Rafting

This is a fun and challenging river is considered to be one of the holiest rivers in all of Nepal. Villages and temples can be found throughout the entire trip giving you a wonderful cultural view of rural Nepal.

Trishuli River Rafting:

The Trisuli River runs just west of Kathmandu which makes it an ideal place for day trips. It  is  fun rapids and good swimming facilator.Whitewater rafting on this river can be organizes as side trip after of before the trek or tours to Nepal. It will allow you to test true magic of the Himalayan flow with complete retreat for body, mind and soul.

Seti River Rafting:

Seti River is smooth whitewater rafting destination and it has warm water which is suitable for best family rafting trip. It is also one of the best kayak clinic river for beginners. It has pleasant flow and small rapids. Seti River rafting also can be run during the summer season because in this days river volume goes up and the rapids form challenging.

BhoteKoshi Rafting:

This is the steepest river run in Nepal that provides a total white water experience.It is located 3 hrs outside of Kathmandu and is a great day trip. It is also possible to spend a night on the river camp. Simply this short river journey makes you to run some of the best technical rapids which world class. The Bhote Koshi River is down flow from Tibet and it is locally known as Bhot so its name derived as BHOTE KOSHI.

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Karnali River Rafting

White water Rafting in Sunkoshi River

BhoteKoshi Rafting